Lizi’s Math Madness (age 4 to 7 years old) - Digital Download

Lizi’s Math Madness (age 4 to 7 years old) - Digital Download

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Lizi’s Math Madness (age 4 to 7 years old) 410 pages - Digital Download (PDF)

Math is part of everyone’s life. Positive attitudes towards math begin in the first few months of elementary school. Math fluency is the objective of Lizi’s Math Madness. This 12-week curriculum of 48-specific lessons with accompanying student worksheets and topic-specific activities is targeted at 4 to 7 year old children. This program is ideal for Kindergarten through Second Grade teachers as well as daycares, preschools, home schools and individual parents. It consists of six distinct modules of instruction: Counting and Number Identification, Shapes and Patterns, Measurement, Addition, Subtraction and Story Problems, Math Madness Minutes, and Math Assessments. The global applicability of this program makes it perfect for international use.

NOTE: This program can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated into existing Preschool and Kindergarten Booster Programs, others and ours.

  • Lizi’s Math Madness Teacher Guide
  • 12-week / 48-lesson plans with worksheets
  • Math Madness Minutes
  • 32-Math Assessments / topic specific
  • 26 SamiTales Storybooks – additional 900 pages

Students will practice counting to 20 and beyond as well as learning to print the numbers. Number words, counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, ordinals and place value make this a complete first module in the package.

Students will easily be able to identify 2D and 3D shapes by the end of this module. They will also study sorting and patterning, positional words such as “over,” “under” and “next to” and finally, they will earn about symmetry and whole, half and quarter.

The concepts of same, fewer and more than help the students to understand a variety of measurement modes including length, size, weight, amount, time and distance. A study on money and estimating leads into simple tables and graphs.

Students will practice addition and subtraction facts up to 9 as well as double digit addition and subtraction practice. Math is about problem solving. Thinking and logic skills use numbers to solve all kinds of problems. Reasoning and strategy are planned out in order to arrive at solutions. Thinking and reasoning are fundamental to advanced math. Learning how to solve problems in everyday life is essential in surviving and thriving. Using stories and story problems involves written events that describe the problem that can be solved with numbers. It is a different form of direction where the reader must determine what math rules to use to solve the riddle. Being able to make counting applicable in real life can be challenging. Connecting words and stories to numbers and counting takes practice.

This drill and practice module ensures that students gain mastery over addition and subtraction facts. These drills build math fluency and confidence in the student. In minutes a day children can learn to add and subtract with 100% accuracy. As a child gets older he/she needs to complete the drills progressively quicker while still maintaining 100% accuracy. Included in the program are 34 worksheets with 50 problems each. Each set of worksheets refines the skills being taught. They are additive and progressive. The child does not move on until the given drill is completed at 100% accuracy. Included in the program are 32 Drill and Practice Worksheets with 40 or more problems on each page.

This formal assessment is divided into four sections that mirror the Lizi’s Math Madness modules: Counting and Number Identification, Shapes and Patterns, Measurement, and Addition, Subtraction and Story Problems. The teacher guide outlines the timing and manner of assessing that will provide accurate information to remediate children in need.

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