Child of Virtue

In the world today, foundational English Literacy is the key to success for children worldwide, and the advantaged of the world train their children accordingly. Unfortunately the underprivileged children are being left behind without hope, resulting in even greater disparity between groups. By teaching English as a first language to less-advantaged children worldwide their ability to compete globally is realized and their life experiences are advanced. The power to succeed is in every child; the ability to communicate is a critical determinant.

The Child of Virtue Charity (COV) was created to address this issue head-on. Our mission is: Peace through Understanding; Understanding through Education; Education through Reading.

Ignorance is slavery, it’s the root of fear. It nourishes the branches of anger and produces the thorns of prejudice. Plato declared that ignorance is the “slave of all evil.” The most violent elements of our local, regional, and global societies lie in ignorance. German philosopher, Goethe, said, “Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.” The saddest aspect of ignorance is that it’s not a condition of conscious choice but most often one of circumstance. The disadvantaged are susceptible to ignorance through illiteracy. Illiteracy traps people in darkness where reasoning becomes nullified and questioning is stopped.

Reading crushes ignorance. Education emancipates the enslaved. Understanding smothers anger. Knowledge is the mother of wonder. Knowledge disarms ignorance one book at a time. As we’ve stated, peace is the opposite of fear. Peace is the comfort and tranquility of understanding. Peace is the calmness and serenity of tolerance.

This program breaks through the walls and barriers of ignorance, fear, control and abuse without prejudice and without the shackles of tradition. Utilizing the SamiTales Programs, Child of Virtue is the vehicle to accomplish this miracle. Working together these programs promote an unwavering foundation of reading and character development for children and young people universally to enable them to adapt, adjust and flourish in this ever changing, increasingly complex and demanding world.

The cost and magnitude of this endeavor is sizable but the alternative is exponentially greater. Child of Virtue facilitates global understanding one child at a time. The program is comprised of three components:

  1. The curriculum: SamiTales programs, lesson plans, worksheets and storybooks
  2. The workforce: local volunteers and leaders, service-learning students, visiting volunteers 
  3. The children: inner cities, refugees, villages, and any place there is a need.

Synergistically working together, these components effectively and efficiently emancipate the disadvantaged children of the world through the power of reason.

Child of Virtue (COV) is a 501©iii charity organization whose purpose is to use donations to implement the SamiTales programs in inner cities, refugee communities and developing countries worldwide. We train local volunteers as teachers, provide materials and help set up “schools” using local infrastructure and manpower. Program proposals are generated from the field and submitted to the charity for review. Projects are funded based upon need and resource availability.