Sami Tales

Why seamonsters? Since men and women have sailed the oceans, our storytelling tradition includes seamonsters. Legends, fairytales, and myths the world over describe these elusive creatures. To date, humans have explored less than 10% of the oceans, lakes and seas. This is a world far larger than our own. Obviously unidentified life forms exist in this hidden place, why not seamonsters? The fact that our last name is Seamons didn’t hurt either. As we created the Seamonster Family, liberty was taken in creating the abilities, lifestyle, and social interaction of the underwater community that evolved.

The Seamonster Family of Lake Kampos (Latin for seamonster) consists of Sami, his Mom and Dad, little sister Lizi, and Grandpa Seamonster Mom, Dad, and Grandpa are the voices of wisdom as Sami and Lizi grow and mature. It is through them that the 8 Virtues, advanced in the SamiTales Character Development program, are taught.

Sami's friends include Harvey, Bruce Bass, Gloria Goldfish, Porsha Pike, and Cannon Catfish. Their many adventures contained in the SamiTales story books result in situations where the 8 Virtues are demonstrated, choices are made and consequences are realized.

The strength of the SamiTales Program is "consistency of context." All of the programs and materials are built upon the same characters with their unique personalities, and the same underwater setting. This consistency allows learning to focus on the topic rather than trying to understand new characters and settings. You will see the difference in your child's learning efficiency and engagement.