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The books and curriculum explore and define a variety of character building, life-shaping topics. SamiTales is a universal program that promotes literacy, math and character development through the common childhood experiences of Sami Seamonster, his family and friends. Children are easily engaged in the characters and stories that teach reading, math skills, and character building values. The SamiTales program was developed as a proprietary curriculum for the Discovery Schools that nurtures children ages two months through 10 years.

The power of the SamiTales initiative is the consistency of context: the same characters, the same settings, the same writing style and the same illustrations provide uniformity and reassurance during the critical early stages from beginning to advanced reading. Once the children learn and recognize the consistency in the characters and their personalities, the writing style and the illustrations in the SamiTales books, many miscues and misinterpretations are avoided. Most other programs lack this contextual consistency due to the variability of authors and styles that are used in the developing educational materials.

Independent of the SamiTales programs, each storybook contains a reader reference at the end of the book. These reader references contains definitions for the more advanced words introduced in the story, suggested content based questions and more abstract thought-provoking questions to assist the teacher and child to “get off the page.”

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